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By on August 10, 2015

Each week, we’ll relay event, program and adoptable pet information from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Check out the event links below and also see our Events page, complete with a link to the ARL event calendar.


TUESDAY: Tales with TalesDog Days of Summer

THURSDAY: Knittin’ for Kittens

SATURDAY: Merle Hay Mall AdoptionsBunny Spa & Piggy Pampering Retreat



ARL South Open House – August 22

Dog Paddle at Altoona Aquatics Park – August 24

The Mane Event – September 26



Rescue Rangers – Applications due September 5! Rescue Rangers is a junior volunteer program for students in 6th-9th grades. Rangers meet twice a month for hands-on training and volunteering without a parent. See all application requirements, program dates, and more on our website.


PetSnip – FREE spay/neuter assistance for cats of residents in the 50315 zip code. A microchip and vaccinations are also included. (more details below and by clicking the Pet Snip logo just above)


PetSnip is a spay/neuter assistance program for kittens and cats that provides *FREE spay/neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. This program is funded by PetSmart Charities.

*While funds are available.

WHAT: Kitten/cat spay/neuter package that includes vaccinations (rabies and distemper/parvo) and a microchip.
WHO: FREE for residents of the 50315 zip code.
WHERE: Spay/neuter surgeries are performed at ARL Main and at our partner vets: Anderson Pet Hospital and All Pets Hospital.
WHEN: Spay/neuter appointments are scheduled in the morning. Times may vary based on location of appointment. Pets will go home on the same day. Contact us now to make an appointment! Call 515-473-9117, email or fill out an application.
: There are many reasons to spay/neuter your pets; health and behavior benefits, cost and reduction of the overpopulations of pets. Click Here to view the Top Reason to Spay/Neuter Your Pets.


Bubba and Mango are this week’s Pets of the Week from ARL. Read more about them below.



Bubba is an active guy who loves to play with tennis balls and squeaky toys! He loves them so much that sometimes he forgets his manners. A member of the ARL’s behavior team can meet with you about ways to help Bubba learn to share. Bubba will need to meet any potential dog roommates before moving in to make sure their play styles are compatible. He is looking for an adults-only home where he can get lots of exercise, training, and love! Learn more at


Mango is looking for a low-key home and family members who will give her time and space to settle in. It can take Mango awhile to adjust to new things, but if you are patient with her, you’ll see her sweet personality more and more. Once she’s comfortable, she likes to rub against your legs and have her back scratched. Learn more at

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