Learn about Des Moines’ Canine Blood Bank

By on October 21, 2015

We humans know that donating blood results in hospitals having blood and blood components that are needed to treat sick and injured people. But did you know there is a similar operation in Des Moines only for canines?


Iowa Veterinary Specialties


Iowa Veterinary Specialties runs a blood bank which benefits area animal hospitals by collecting blood from pets whose owners volunteer them for donation.

From the IVS Web site: “The Canine Blood Bank of Central Iowa serves veterinarians throughout Des Moines and surrounding areas with canine blood and blood components that are used to treat ill and injured dogs. The Canine Blood Bank works similar to the human blood bank. Blood is collected from donor dogs and stored until the need to use it arises. Today, many dogs are living happy and healthy lives due to blood donors just like yours!”

You may be wondering where the blood bank is located, what happens when you and your dog visit the office or whether your dog is eligible to participate in this life-saving program.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the blood bank, click here. 

The above link also introduces you to people and dogs who make the program happen. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more, contact IVS at 515-280-3051.


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