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By on December 2, 2015

As a child, Lois DeWaard knew she had developed a special ability, but when she was “around 8 or 9 years old,” she closed herself off to it. She grew up on an Iowa farm and was around cattle, pigs and horses her entire childhood. Many of her peers lived in similar environments, but they likely just had animals around. Lois had them and communicated with them.

“I didn’t understand my ability as a young child and I didn’t have any adults I felt comfortable discussing it with,” she says. Now she feels differently.


In early 2014, she began to “redevelop” and deepen her ability, and since that time, has participated in classes and completed homework with Joan Ranquet of Carnation, Washington, as part of a “Communication With All Life” University program. “I have learned everyone is born with the ability to do telepathic communication as babies,” she says. “This ability is socialized out of children by the time they are 3 to 4 years old.” The ability is like a muscle, she says. “When you do not use a muscle, it becomes weak. Exercise makes our muscles strong.”


You might think her ability is special or unique to her and a select few others. Lois thinks you have the ability to do telepathic communication, too. “Everyone is born with the ability to do telepathic communication. Telepathic animal communication is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice,” she says. “Meditation and practice helps us to reopen our ability to do telepathic communication as adults.”


So when does this ability get used? Lois says people will often use an animal communicator when their dog has a problem behavior such as urinating in the house instead of outside. She uses her ability to talk with the dog and ask why he or she is urinating on the carpet or kitchen floor.  “I share information the dog gave me with his or her human and I suggest possible ways to eliminate or reduce the problem behavior.”


For example, she says, a dog may say tell her that his or her human does not keep a regular schedule, so he or she uses the carpet because they have no other options. “I then suggest to my client they keep the dog on a regular feeding and toileting schedule. Since the dog no longer urinates in the house, my client is happier with their dog and their relationship is improved. Pet guardians often tell me their pet is happier after I have communicated with them.”


If you’d like Lois to communicate with your animals, the process goes like this:


Lois says that since she works mainly over the phone or Skype for animal communication, she does two things: First, she sends a link to her scheduling calendar for the client to select an appointment. “I also ask them to email me a picture of their animal and a phone number when I contact them at our appointment time.” Second, Lois asks them to prepay for the session using Paypal on her website.


She also does a limited number of site visits in the Des Moines metro area where she travels to a client’s home to do an animal communication session. “Sometimes clients have a challenge with all the pets in their household and site visits allow more time for communicating with all the animals and observing them in their home environment,” she says. And because these visits take more time, she charges more.


“During our appointment I ask the client some basic questions about their animal as well as specific information they want me to ask their pet,” she says. Those answers may trigger the client to ask more questions. “I also make suggestions on things the client can do with their pet depending on the situation.”


If you’d like to find out more or schedule a time to meet with Lois, click here.


Lois can work with you to do other things, too. For example, she’s a Certified Dream Builder Coach. And what does that mean exactly? “The certification means that I have been trained by the Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute on how to present their 12 week Dream Builder course,” she says. “This course helps people to determine what they want their life to be in four areas: Health and Wellbeing, Love and Relationships, Time and Money Freedom as well as Vocation.” After people know what they want, then the course teaches people how to move towards achieving their dreams. This course can be presented in either a group setting or an individual basis.


The goal of working with a Certified Dream Builder Coach, she says, is to tap into your “unlimited power and potential to achieve dreams.” When people come to Lois for guidance, the most common request involves being unhappy with some area of life and a want to move towards living a life of their dreams. “They know there is something better than what they currently have but don’t know how to move towards their dreams,” she says. “The Dream Builder course helps people achieve what they want in their life by giving them a proven system that works. Mary Morrissey developed the program and guided many people towards their dream lives.”


When meeting with a Dream Building client, Lois says she usually talks with them over the phone or Skype to see what they want to achieve in their life first. Also, she discovers what their ideal life looks like related to these four areas: Health and Wellbeing, Love and Relationships, Time and Money Freedom and Vocation. “Then,” she says, “I give them information on the Dream Builder course and assess if they would be a good fit for the program.”


A passion test is another assessment Lois uses to help people. A passion test is a series of exercises designed to help people determine their purpose and mission in life. These exercises also allow people to prioritize the things in their life that mean the most to them. The exercises are done by an individual in a 3 to 4 hour group workshop or over the phone in two 60 minute sessions with some homework done between the sessions. Regardless of the format used, individuals have a list of their top priorities with information on how to start moving their life to reflect those priorities. Follow up sessions are available either in a group or an individual setting to clients if they want them.


As a passion test facilitator, Lois will guide either a group of individuals or a single person through the Passion Test process to determine their top priorities in life. Once people know what is really important to them, they can start decisions that will move them closer to their priorities and passions.


If you’d like to meet Lois out in the community, she says she is available to speak on animal communication for groups and participates as an animal communication vendor at special events such as the Great Iowa Pet Expo and Iowa Metaphysical Fair. “I also do short animal communication readings for a donation at fundraising events for animal shelters and pet rescues.” All her events are listed on her Facebook page. Click here to find her Animal Human Connection Coach page on Facebook.


Lois is also “in the process of making some changes” to her website and she will be starting a monthly newsletter in 2016.


She’d like you to know she is in her second year of study with Joan Ranquet in her CWALU professional animal communicator program and anticipates graduating in the spring of 2016. “I am also in my first year of Joan’s Teacher-Trainer apprentice program where I am learning how to teach animal communication.” This program is two years long. Lois currently teaches several animal communication telephone classes every month and travels to Carnation, Washington several times a year to help teach workshops on animal communication and related topics at Joan’s farm.


Joan Ranquet just released her new book Energy Healing for Animals on November 1.  Lois is listed on page 247 in the Resource Section of the book under the Animal Communicators and Energy Healers Who Work Locally and Remotely heading. The book is available on Amazon and is published by Sounds True.


At home, Lois uses animal communication with her own horses and dog. They also communicate with students in Joan’s program when Lois teaches classes.


Finally, in 2016, Lois also plans to start giving presentations to organizations on living a life you enjoy and how the Passion Test and Dream Builder programs can help people reach their goals and dreams. “I will be doing group workshops for the Passion Test and the Dream Builder program then,” she says, where she hopes to help people find their passion and build dreams.

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