Pet Services

Fence sales, Service and Contractors

Whether you have a neighborhood covenant and are in need of a fence, have a dog who requires a taller-than-normal fence or want to install invisible fencing for your pets, you’ll find great companies in our directory that can fulfill all of your fencing needs. Repairs, designs, advice and more will be available from these great folks.

Veterinarian Services

If you have a pet, you’ll want to find a local vet who you trust and who can provide the best level of care. Whether you want a young and fresh vet, an established and widely-known doctor or just want to find the one closest to your home, check out our directory for recommendations. Vets come in large and small clinics, run emergency clinics, can prescribe medications and much more.

Boarding/Day Care

Leaving town for a few days? If you don’t have a friend, family member or regular pet sitter who can help you out, you may want to check in with some of the best boarding houses and pet day cares. All day cares and boarding houses provide the essentials, and that may be all you need. Others provide a spa-like environment and pamper your pets. Take a look at the options and choose the one that is best for you and your furry friend.

Kennels and Breeders

Are you looking for a specific type of animal? Maybe it’s a pure-bred dog or specialty cat? If you can’t find what you are looking for at a rescue or shelter organization, kennels and certified breeders and the ones to reach out to. There are many reputable and “good” breeders out there, but you must do your research to find out whether you are comfortable with the practices and procedures that take place in these businesses.

Pet Diet and Health, Food and Feed Dealers/Producers

Whether you are looking for the closest pet food store to your home, a feed dealer for cattle or farm animals, or a gourmet food and treat shop for that special pet of yours, our directory includes many pet diet, health, food and feed companies. Specialty items are becoming more popular and these new businesses are popping up everywhere it seems. Check the directory for your special animal food needs.


There are many things you can do at home to keep your animals and pets clean and healthy, but if you want to employ the best professionals in your area, check out our grooming directory. These pros will treat your animals with great care, clean them thoroughly, clip nails, trim fur and do much more. Often, groomers also provide boarding services, sell pet products and can watch your pets for the day. Check out our listings and see which business provides you and your pet with everything needed.

Fish, Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies

We’re aren’t all “dogs and cats” here. We also know there are many marine animal lovers around who keep impeccable aquariums, house special fish and need supplies to do so. Specialty stores are out there, as are pet stores which carry most of what you need. Check our directory out and find the fish friends you’ll want to be close to.

Birds and Bird Supplies

Avians are popular pets, too. If you are in need of cages, feed, toys or anything else for your feathered friends, browse our listings for bird and bird supply businesses in your area. Pet stores often carry everything you need, but the die-hards may need a specialty bird store to fulfill all of their needs.

Exotic Animals

There are more and more pet owners who love keeping snakes, reptiles and other exotic pets in their homes. While traditional pet stores often carry food, tanks and other supplies, exotic pet stores will have a greater selection of goods you and your exotic pet might want for your home. These stores are growing rapidly, so we hope you’ll find a spot that will become your go-to place for exotic pets.

Pet Sitters and Exercising Services

We’re all busy. Whether it’s a business trip or family vacation that prevents you from being home for your animals, a lack of time or an emergency which renders you helpless when it comes to the care of your animals, don’t fret. There are hundreds of dog walkers, pet sitters, boarding houses and more that can care for your animals while you are away. Even if it’s just a daily feeding session or walk, these sitters and exercise service providers can be of great help.

Pet Stores, Animal Products, Pet Furnishing, Retailers/Wholesalers/Manufacturers

There are “big box” pet stores and there are “mom and pop–type” stores that carry products you’ll need for all of your pets. Everything you need for dog and cat care is easy to find, as is all you’ll want to house your rabbits, rodents, snakes, fish and more. These big and small stores will likely have what you are looking for, especially if your pet is a popular kind, like a kitten or pup.

Animal Training

Some animals are unruly. Others have learned to be wild and crazy without any order or direction. If you want your new (or old) pet to learn commands, take better walks with you, treat family members better, or just learn some basic manners, animal trainers are all over the place. Whether it’s at a local humane society or rescue organization, at a private trainer’s facility or with an advocacy group, trainers can be found and utilized fairly easily. Check our partners and friends for advice or check our directory for help.

Animal Photographers

Animal photography is a growing service for pet people. Do you want some great photos of your pets for your own pleasure? Maybe you want some professional photos taken for display or for greeting cards. Whatever your desire entails when it comes to snapping a few photos of your beloved pets, professional photographers and animal-specific photographers are all over. Check our directory for information and contacts when the time comes to have a photo session with your pets.